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Geothermal - A Better Way to Heat!

- Monday, October 21, 2013
As you know,heating costs are expected to rise this winter as the cold weather moves in.It might be time to upgrade your furnace more energy-efficient model. Why not consider geothermal?

While the best gas furnaces available today provide your home with around 97% efficiency (that is 97 cents worth of heat for every dollar spent), an average, middle of the road, geothermal system is more than 300% efficient (providing $3.00 worth of heating and cooling year-round for every $1.00 spent on operating costs). Some geothermal furnaces are well over 400% efficient!That is a lot of extra cash for you during this upcoming holiday season. We are all suffering the effects of tough economic times, with higher grocery and transportation costs each week. Installing an energy-efficient geothermal system can help you manage those monthly budget numbers.

It's a fact that natural gas customers are likely to see a 15 percent rise in their heating bills, 13 percent for propane customers, but only a 5% increase to customers heating with electricity. By replacing your traditional heating system with a geothermal furnace, you can will see huge monthly savings compared to those who keep their existing furnace.A geothermal heating and cooling system turns your dollar into more than three dollars worth of savings. 

Pretty good turn around, no matter how you look at it!!  Contact us today to learn more.

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