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The Annual Morton Pumpkin Festival: Now celebrating it's 49th year from September 16-19 2015

Shalaine HInshaw - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Celebrating it's 49th year in a row, the Morton Chamber of Commerce proudly presents the Annual Pumpkin Festival!

Starting on September 12th with the Art and Photography show entries, the festivities take off with a bang on the 16th. Big events like the Pumpkin Princess or the Pumpkin Idol Jr. are only the start of the fun. Pumpkin grills, sweet shops, business expo, bingo, and so much more pumpkin goodness is just waiting to be had.

The Morton Pumpkin Festival has been a tradition since 1967 as a fundraiser and a celebration of the pumpkin harvest for the local Libby's Pumpkin Plant. in 1978, the governor of Illinois declared Morton the pumpkin capital of the world due to its 85 percent contribution to the world's pumpkins. Since then, with the help of over 2,000 volunteers every year, over 30 special events are hosted for a four day period of appreciation for the pumpkin.

While the festival is about fun and admiration of the town's bountiful pumpkin crops, it is also a vital part of the communities growth and connectivity to each other. The citizens of Morton take pride in their event while coming together as a group to make it the best they can every year. The festival is a chance for local business and community activists to come together in a fun, open setting to either advertise their services or just come together as a combined workforce that keeps the town of Morton strong.

As far as the event itself goes, there's a lot coming. The part most people enjoy most about the pumpkin is probably the taste, and the Morton Pumpkin festival doesn't leave out any option of enjoying it. Hearty, pumpkin based meals can be found at the Pumpkin grill which opens every day during the festivities, but when looking for something that brings out the sweetness of the squash, the Pumpkin Sweet Shop will open with plenty of options to choose from. So many things ranging from chili to ice cream, donuts and burgers, and of course, pie is just waiting to be eaten.

Each day is focused around a certain theme rather it be Senior appreciation or an all out kids day and is worth staying for the four days of pumpkin madness. Certified as the largest celebration of pumpkins, the Morton Annual Pumpkin Festival will be here rocking the squash for generations to come.

The celebration doesn't stop with the food, and there are multiple events for kids, adults, and seniors to enjoy. The big wheel race always brings out the best of competition in the youngsters, while Pumpkin Bingo can bring the heat for the older generation. Adults can enjoy live entertainment every day of the festival on our main stage, and connect with the locals as well as GARBER Heating and Air Conditioning at the Business Expo.

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