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Indoor Air Quality

Superior indoor air quality at home is an essential component of your family’s health and comfort.

Many allergies are caused by indoor contaminants, but the proper indoor air quality air filtration system works to eradicate these bothersome elements from the air you breathe. It also prevents dangerous viruses and molds from circulating through your home. We can install air filtration that works in conjunction with your existing heating and air conditioning system to improve your indoor air quality. The filters greatly reduce the percentage of dust, pollen and allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds, pet dander, and tobacco smoke in the air in your home.

They also eliminate pesky odors; the smell of frying onions in the kitchen won’t be transferred to every room in the house. Since heating and air conditioning ducts may foster the growth of certain bacteria and allow for dust and particles to collect, air filters are an essential addition to your home comfort system.

How often do I need to change my filter?
  • 1” fiberglass filters get changed 1/mo
  • 1” pleated filters can last 2-3/mo
  • 5” thick pleated filters (like the trion airbear & the Honeywell) get checked at about 6/mos but depending on the atmosphere can last  9/mos to a year.

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