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HVAC System Maintenance

Diamond Club Benefits & Coverage

  • Standard rate on emergency calls after hours and Saturdays.
  • Discounted labor rate on Sunday and Holiday emergency calls.
  • Postcard reminders for renewal and service dates.
  • May transfer or convert agreement, if you move residence within the contracted year.
  • One year warranty on parts and labor. (unless extended warranty applies)
  • 10% discount on parts. (excludes filters/humidifier pads/refrigerant)


Prolong Equipment Life

Routine system maintenance and check-ups extend your systems life, and keep your system operating at peak performance.

Safety Checkups

Routine system maintenance and check-ups help keep your system running safely, and help keep you safe.

Reduce your Energy Cost

Lower operating cost with system maintenance and keeping your system at peak efficiency, and lower your utilities.

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Heating & Cooling Maintenance

  • Verify safety controls
  • Clean and inspect ignition/starting operations
  • Check/lubricate motors*
  • Check heat exchange and heating elements
  • Check amperage and voltage of motors
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check/adjust system for optimum cooling (cooling only)
  • Clean condensate drains and outdoor coils

Geothermal Maintenance

  • Verify Safety Controls
  • Charge loop
  • Heating/cooling Check-up
  • Verify Performance

Boiler Maintenance

  • Verify Safety Controls
  • Heating Check-up*
  • Check expansion tank
  • Check pump operation & lubricate*
  • Verify Performance

Generator Maintenance

  • Engine Tune-up
  • Verify Performance

Additional Maintenance Programs

  • Tankless Water Heater Maintenance
  • Electronic Air Cleaner Maintenance
  • Humidifier Maintenance

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    I feel that the product is as good as the dealer that installs it and maintains it.  We have done business with Garber for 35 years and are very satisfied!
    C. Lowery

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